Купить грузовой лифт в Москве, установка и обслуживание грузовых лифтов

Freight lifts is an excellent technical means for lifting passengers and various goods to the desired floor. Owing to individuality and various modifications, freight lifts are widely used both in apartment buildings, and at the enterprises, in shopping centers, hotels and restaurants.

The main characteristics that KLEEMANN freight lifts have are long service life, ease of repair, reliability, safety, wear resistance and technical ease of installation. Freight lifts are of the following types:

Thanks to the use of high-tech components, modern freight lifts from KLEEMANN are characterized by quiet operation, accuracy of stops and low energy consumption. Freight lifts are distinguished by load capacity, speed of movement, method of installation in the mine and other structural differences.

Finishing freight lifts

The features of freight lifts are reinforced construction, the use of wear-resistant materials on the elements of the interior of the cabin and the increased space of the lift cabin. These lifts are simple and reliable, which is one of the most important positive qualities in operation.

In the cabin of the freight lift, installation of rubber bumpers is provided, which in accordance with the requirements can be installed at various heights from the floor in height of the used trolleys for transporting goods. Decoration of lift walls is made of high-strength materials with anti-vandal coating (painting, embossing). The floor is coated with a wear-resistant rubber or metal coating.

In addition to the usual Kleemann freight lift cabin, there are options for a walk-through cabin and a cabin with a side exit. The maximum width of the doorway of 2.4 meters meets all modern standards, and depending on the project in the doorway of the lift cabin can be installed double-leaf, four-leaf and six-leaf door modifications. For ease of operation of the freight lift, an additional panel of orders is installed in the lift cabin.

To purchase a freight lift

Kleemann-EIT offers its customers the selection, design, installation and maintenance of freight lifts. Thanks to a wide branch network, we are ready to provide a quality range of services and warranty obligations. KLEEMANN is a reliable freight lifts, with modern design, quality finishes and accessories.

Models of freight lifts

Having the status of a direct distributor, we are ready to provide reasonable prices together with quality service and technical support. Our team of professionals is characterized by a responsible approach to solving any problems and work for the result. At work, we are focused on building long-term relationships with customers.

Installation of freight lift

You can install a freight lift in Moscow or another region by calling 8 (800) 302-20-04 or by leaving a request for a callback on our website. You can also send a request by e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.