KLEEMANN is a Greek company-one of the largest manufacturers of elevators, travolators and escalators in the European Union and in the global market. More than 60% of elevators in Greece and 3% worldwide are manufactured under this brand.

KLEEMANN is one of the few manufacturers in the EU to supply fully equipped lift and lifting systems. The customer receives a set of equipment which is ready for installation and operation, meeting the requirements of standards. Each component of the equipment has been tested at the factory and checked for technical compatibility with other elements of the set. With KLEEMANN you get a reliable ready-for-service elevator, not a set of components from different manufacturers!

The company "European innovative technologies" - "KLEEMANN EIT" - is the official distributor of KLEEMANN European Elevator equipment in Russia and occupies a leading position in the elevator market of the country. We provide a full range of services, from project preparation, to maintenance support and modernization of elevator equipment.

With our own warehouses and a large fleet of special equipment, we provide the highest quality around-the-clock service of production control and maintenance service for elevator equipment throughout Russia - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. The presence of a branch network of sales and service offices in Moscow and other regions of Russia allows us to fulfill orders in the shortest possible time, regardless of the region:

We will do our best for You for the reason that delivery, installation and after-sales service are our environment:

  • value added service
  • individual approach
  • international technical support network
  • diagnostic tools and software
  • quick installation of spare parts and repairs
  • you operate the elevator equipment safely with us

For more than 8 years of work, the company provides an individual approach to each project with the highest quality standards and a multi-step system for checking the commissioning of equipment. That ensures reliable operation of elevators and enables customers to be confident in the quality of the company's work in all its stages - from delivery to operation of lifting equipment of various models and modifications.

High quality of our services and competitive prices provide our company with a leading position in the market of lifting and transport equipment’s service. The "EIT" company is able to provide maintenance of elevators (passenger, freight, hospital, fire, automobile, etc.), as well as escalators and travolators at the highest level in accordance with the Technical Regulations of the Customs Union "Elevator Safety" (TR CU 011 / 2011), approved by the decision of the Commission of the Customs Union No. 824 of October 18, 2011.

Kleemann elevators’ advantages

Elevators from Greece are made under the German license with the use of unique author's technologies. Greek engineers are developing new models in cooperation with specialists from Switzerland and Germany.

All elevators from Kleemann is certified and meets European quality and safety standards. Lifting and transport equipment meets the requirements of EN 115. Together with the ordered model, full technical documentation in Russian is provided.

The customer can choose one of the many typical cabin designs for the KLEEMANN elevator or order a unique design, which in style and color scheme will be combined with the architecture and design of the building.

KLEEMANN factory

KLEEMANN factory

The KLEEMANN’s stages of development

Kleemann holds a leading position in the production and implementation of complex Elevator systems in Greece. It is listed among the largest companies in the industry, both in the European and global markets.

Millions of people around the world recognize the authority of KLEEMANN, which testifies to the rich history of the company and significant milestones in its development, as well as the desire of the company in the future to set and solve complex problems.


KLEEMANN has been exporting to France since 1995, having a local presence in Paris since 2014. KLEEMANN Ascenseurs was established in 2017 to improve the services offered to local customers and strengthen its market position.


Creation of KLEEMANN DIZALA d.o.o. in Croatia and KLEEMANN ELEVATORS AUSTRALIA Pty. LIMITED in Australia


Establishment of a subsidiary KLEEMANN RUSSIA (operating as a sales office since 2011)


Putting into operation of KLEEMANN Lifts UK in Oxford


The establishment of KLEEMANN China (Demenxun) in Kunshan


THE Kleemann test tower in the Kilkis industrial area was completed in 2010 to support the Group's global expansion strategy. The tower creates testing opportunities for high-speed elevators reaching speeds of 5 m / s. With 18 floors and 4 control shafts, the height of the tower reaches 61 m.


KLEEMANN began exporting to Romania in 1996, creating KLEEMANN Lift in November 2006. Taking into account the needs of the local market, KLEEMANN LiftRo specializes in both large projects and modernization solutions that combine complex lifting systems with innovative design.


Based on the growth of exports to the country that began in 1992, in 2005 KLEEMANN Liftovi was established in Belgrade, Serbia. In 2012, the company started operating its own production facilities


In 2004 a logistics center was built in Athens in order to further improve the delivery procedures and response times to central and southern Greece. The premises occupy an area of 3.600 sqm


KLEEMANN launched a plant for the production of cabs and elevators without machine room in the Kilkis industrial area in 2002. The factory covers an area of 10.300 sqm


In 2001, the electronics and automation plant began producing controllers, connecting and reproducing electrical wiring and cabin and floor control panels, on an area of 1,500 sqm


Establishment of a subsidiary KLEEMANN ASANSÖR in Istanbul in cooperation with the Turkish company METAL


Initial public issue OF Kleemann shares on the Athens stock exchange. The establishment of KLEFER SA in the Industrial area of Kilkis in cooperation with the Spanish company TECHNOLAMA-FERMATOR


Start of production activity


Completion of the factories’ construction in the Industrial Zone of Kilkis


Agreement on transfer of “know-how” to German company KLEEMANN HAUSTECHNIK GmbH and establishment of KLEEMANN HELLAS SA Company in Greece.