Design and decoration of elevators

Lift design

Stylish design solutions for your elevator

Most owners of buildings in the decoration of Elevator cabins want to give them the most stylish, technological and modern look. This is largely determined by the status of the task, for example, in modern shopping centers panoramic elevators are usually installed a complete overview of the interior decoration from the inside and from a height. There is also the option of installing special equipment for access control, video surveillance or key access for private elevators or cottage elevators. on the contrary, design solutions that bring the elevator design closer to the main design concept of the house.

Thanks to the use of various technological solutions, our company’s specialists can improve and transform the standard finish of the passenger elevator, equip the cabin with additional functionality, for example, touch-commanding post, or diode lighting, and also finish the elevator cabin with modern materials so that passengers get a charge when entering the elevator positive mood.

Along with the design decoration of the elevator car, we carry out the decoration of elevator portals. There are a lot of finishing options for portals, our experts can finish with specific material or make an elevator portal in a certain style: hi-tech, mosaic or classic style.